Trussu TUDW31 Luxury Adjustable Portable Dog Water Bottle For Walking

Goods Detail:

Fashion Antibacterial Portable Pet Travel Water Bottle

※ Capacity :300ML
※ Colors :Pink,Blue
※ Material:ABS+PC
※ Hang-rope Design
※ Push-Pull Design

1. The dog water bottle made with a high-quality food-grade ABS & PC material, BPA-free. Strong and durable, won’t break easily even if you accidentally dropped it.
2. Healthy Design:Food-grade ABS material.,FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free.
3. Leak Proof Lock: One key open/Lock water.silicone sealing ring to ensure that the water bottle will not leak. No worry about wetting your bag or wasting water any more.
4. One Hand Operation: Easy to slide with one hand.unlock with the big button slide down,press for water, the latest Pull-out design makes it easier for pets to Press the surface of the water. easy dismantling and cleaning.
5. Portable & Lightweight: The slim contours with a removable drawstring, making it convenient to carry outdoors. You can put it in your bag and fit into car cup holders on your journey,or hang it on the dog .

How To Use:
1.Open the bottle cover and fill with water bottle with water.Then Tighten the bottle cover
2.Push the top with your thumb firstly.In order to prevent the trough from falling off,it may be a little tight when pulled put

3. Pull the bottle from the trough.unlock with the big button slide down,press for water.The water flow out, so the dog can enjoy it.

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