Trussu TUDW11 2 in 1 Food Container Dog Water Bottle With Collapsible Bowl

Goods Detail:

Portable Food Container Pet Travel Water Bottle With Bowl 

※ Capacity :Water 350ML+Food 340g
※ Colors :Red,Blue,Yellow,White
※ Material:Plastic
※ Dual-Chamber  Design

1. Dua-use Design : Designed with two chambers in one bottle, one for dry food and the other for water. With two wide-mouth snap lids on the top of cap, easy for dispensing snack or pouring water.
2. Large Capacity: 300ML for water and 340g for food in one bottle, the collapsible dog bowl is 350ml, enough for outdoor walking, hiking, travelling. 
3. The attachment collapsible bowl can easily be expanded and filling with fresh water for a quick drink on the go. 
4.  It not only ensure dog drinking water easily but also cat, rabbit or other small pet to drinking water easily.

5. Made of Food Grade PP material.Never worry about your pet gets hurt from toxins. Enjoy the safe and funny outdoor act with your pet.

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