Trussu TUDW04 Travel Portable Mineral Filtered Pet Water Bottle

Goods Detail:

Activated Carbon Filter Outdoor Portable Pet Care Water Bottle 

※ Capacity :400ML
※ Size : 271*65mm
※ Colors :Blue,Green,Pink,Grey
※ Material:PP
※ BioCleanAct Antibacterial Material
※ With Activated Carbon Filter

1. Anti-bacterial material, safe and healthl.And can pevent the breeding of bacterials effectively to keep healthy for pets.
2. The coconut active carbon filter can filter fresh and clean water for your pets conveniently.
3. One-Touch Leak-Proof Button:
- When the button is on the left, press it and the water will come out. When the button is on the right, the button itself is locked to prevent 
4.The lock button can avoid you worrying about the water pouring out in your bag.
5. The bottle is not only suitable for dogs, but also suitable for cats, so it is convenient for you to bring your pets out.
6. With tight seal and safety lock, it’s designed to fit into your bag, your cap holder in the car and your life with pets. The depth of the water trough can prevent water from spilling. You can use the bottle inside your room or car.
7.Dogs usually drink water by curling up their tongues, just like a spoon to get as much as they can. Thus we designed an arc trough to fit their living habit,making this dog water bowl easier for them to drink

For proper hygiene, always wash pet products after each use to prevent cross contamination and spreading of germs.

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